Juniper Notes

This page will note down that all the Juniper specific details that I come across. This page should be pretty full as in my current role (as of 17/4/2015) we are a juniper house. I will be working on mostly juniper equipment, during my working day. So just like my Linux Notes, this is here to accommodate my laziness! Enjoy :p

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Keeran Marquis

Network Engineer
Keeran Marquis is a Network Engineer. His main goal is to learn everything within the Networking field, pick up a little bit of scripting, be a poor man sysadmin and share whatever he knows! All Posts are his own views, opinions and experiences, no guarantees they will work for you but point you in the right direction 🙂
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3 thoughts on “Juniper Notes”

  1. Francis Forsang

    Hello, I have an existing Ex4200 virtual chassis of 9 members, and we recently decided to replace them with 2 EX4300. Can you advice how to move the entire configuration of 4200 to 4300? Note, the 4200 are connected to QFX5100, and the same will apply for the 4300.

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