Bookshelf Must-Reads

With anything you want to achieve, it’s always good to have strong base of fundamental knowledge in the field you’re looking to crack. With me I’m no different.

I would (and i have been recommended) these books to read, as they are very useful in getting a good foundation and provide fundamental knowledge of all you would need to know about networking. I’m going through most of these books myself and will be posting some of the notes on what I’ve found out from them.

If you have any recommendations, I’m all ears! As you can never know too much I say 🙂


IP Routing on Cisco IOX, IOS XE, and IOS XR: An Essential Guide to Understanding and Implementing IP Routing Protocols


Junos Enterprise Routing
Junos Security
Junos Enterprise Switching
Juniper SRX Series
Junos Cookbook


Python Programming, Third Edition for the Absolute Beginner


OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks

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Keeran Marquis

Network Engineer
Keeran Marquis is a Network Engineer. His main goal is to learn everything within the Networking field, pick up a little bit of scripting, be a poor man sysadmin and share whatever he knows! All Posts are his own views, opinions and experiences, no guarantees they will work for you but point you in the right direction 🙂
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